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This  new marketplace is a site dedicated to remakers, upcyclers and repurposer.

Trash to Cash Knowledge Base

The idea is to develop an extensive R&D knowledge base utilising graph based technology. Our team would break down a piece of e-waste documenting the steps and any health and safety considerations. They would then identity and list the high value components, and other components. They would then look at what other product or education projects could be developed. By creating a graph based knowledge base we hope to gain new insight into what is possible with existing e-waste. How we can change peoples attitude to view e-waste as a valuable resource as well as looking to develop an intelligent digital assistant people can query to find uses for their e-waste.

It is hoped that by creating this knowledge base we can help to improve the maker culture in the Maryhill pilot area and encourage those in the area to view making or re-making as a source of additional income or employment. We envisage running re-maker workshop on the Nolly barge to help train the local community in how to create various project or products out of e-waste. We see the possibility of creating DIY kits to make various product which we could sell directly to the public. As well as buying individual components from those in the local community to go into these DIY kits thereby allow people to disassemble e-waste at home. There is also the opportunity to offer specific product to members of PreCLoved. Examples might be 3D printers, 3D scanners, laser engraver, laser cutters.

We feel the development of the knowledge base especially utilising graph technology will enable insights and greater re use of e-waste. We also plan to develop an innovative mind map inspired interface again we feel this will lead to people being able to see the interconnection between individual pieces of e-waste and their possible reuse and recycling options.