PreCLoved is a new model to bring- computing and digital literacy to all.  We plan to do this by reconditioning  PC’s which are regarded as e-waste, we will install open source operating systems, and software based on the customer’s requirement.  The model will be a lease-based model with at lease lasting 18 months. During your lease period if anything goes wrong with the PC we will replace it with the other model set up with the exact same configuration.  But what about my stuff  I hear you cry well the PC will be set up to sync with cloud storage so your data will always be safe. Since we will be using the Linux-based operating system we will configure the PC so that only we can administer the systems. We will remotely update the systems to make sure all software is up to date we will also perform virus scans.

The service  is aimed at schools, students, local businesses the local community. We hope to carry out a pilot roll out in the Maryhill area of Glasgow very soon. If you are  interested in this service please  contact us