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Lean UX Workshops

What is a lean UX workshop?

lean UX process

It’s an easy way to help clarify a solution to a given problem.

Basically, there are 4 main stages to a Lean UX Workshop.

Stage 1

Explaining the problem. This is where the project lead, product owner, manager etc. sets out what the new product/ solution has to do. This can take between 15-45 minutes.

Stage 2

Everyone taking part then gets between 2 and 5 minutes( depending on the length of time allocated for the workshop) to draw out their solution to the problem there is not talking or collaboration at this stage.

Stage 3

The first person gets up to 5 minutes to explain their solution and drawings. Everyone else has to stay silent an listen.

Stage 4

Everyone in the group gives constructive feedback ( there is a special way to do this but I’m not going to give the secret away ) saying what was good and what was bad about the proposed solution.

Once everyone has present their solutions and received feedback. You return the step 2 allowing people to propose a  new solution taking on board the feedback and ideas of others. You then repeat this a few time until a consensus is agreed in the group.

Contact us to arrange a free Lean UX  workshop. We will then quote you for the development of the proposed solution.

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