Why do good ideas not get traction in your organization?

Why is it so hard to innovate?

Whilst you were thinking up your Great Idea or Innovation did you take into account the constraints around your idea.

Stopping Thinking Outside the Box and instead lets look at the Box and how we can change it.

Every Innovation or Idea is impacted by the exact same 6 constraints.

Internal Constraints

1. Individual Constraints

What you know as an individual, the tool sets you have at you disposal, your socioeconomic bias.

2. Group Constraints

Does your culture support risk taking? Are individuals able to express their ideas? How do you deal with change. What are the goals of the group. What are the processes of the group?

3. Organizational Constraints

Is the structure correct? Is your organization to focused on a specific market? How does you organization do strategy. Do we have the resources required?

External Constraints

4. Industry Constraints

How will the market view your Innovation? Is it playing fair? What will we loose if we follow the Innovation. Can we control the innovation. How can your supplier aid you. How can your market steer you. What is your competition up to.

5. Societal Constraints

How will society view your innovation? Will it be viewed as legitimate? Is it safe? Is this our aspiration? Does it help us grow? Does it impact on or is it impacted by our current regulation? How will it effect how we view ourselves?

6. Technology Constraints

Can we make it work. How much do we know about the technology. Can it be completed in time to meet a window of opportunity. What will be the effect on the environment.