How buying a pedal from us will help others.

Clyde Electronics CIC is a company with a difference. Every pedal we build is done by hand as part of the training of our engineering apprentices. Also since we are a community interest company we use part of our profits to aid  the  wider community. In our case we promote Science Technology Engineering Maths in schools  by using some of our profits to manufacture 3D printers and supply them to schools.

Wah Wah Pedal

Our Wah Wah’s are a bit  more customized compared to your average wah

  • A point to point Wah Wah pedal
  • Selectable sweep ranges with 6 options
  • 4 colours of pedal Tread which will distinguish the type of inductor in the wah.
    • Yellow –  has a Yellow Fasel Inductor.  Its Cup Core produces a clean, direct wah sound.
    • Red – has a Red Fasel Inductor. Its Torrodial Core produces a dirty, vintage-oriented wah sound.
    • Purple – has a Eleca Halo Inductor. Halo style inductor, made by Eleca.
    • Green – has a Wah Inductor ME-6-TONALITY. Provides-Increased tonality, richer harmonics.


Effect Pedals

We produce limited runs of our various effects pedal using new old stock components. All effects pedal in this range are by their very nature limited product runs. Here at Clyde Electronics we believe in quality, reliability and the maintainability of our products for that reason all pedals in this range are wired point to point on turret boards.


Fuzzadelic Pedals

A pedal inspired by the pedal board of the late Jimi  Hendrix. We have tried to capture that excitement of the man who blew Clapton out of the  water by developing a pedal which  captures the tone used on some of the  most  famous track in rock history.


  • A point to point fuzzface using black glass oc44 germanium transistors
  • A clean boost which also had an optional octave circuit
  • A Tube Emulation
  • True by pass between each stage

All in one pedal enclosure.


A Boost  for Mr Black

The idea for this pedal  came about whilst  catching up  with Colin  Black of “The Stumble” during their tour supporting the animals. I’ve known  Colin for  years having  been a die  hard fan  of and part  time  roadie  for his Glasgow  based Hideaway Blues  Band whilst  a  student in the late 80s  early 90s. Its  based on the  first stage of the Fuzzadelic

  • A point to point a clean boost which also had an optional octave circuit


The Mod Ring

Originally this was  going to  be a standard pedal. Then  I had a moment of inspiration or  madness whilst i was ordering  some  enclosure for  our Wah Wah pedals. Why not produce  a ring modulator that you can vary the frequency of the  wave form using a  was pedal.

  • A point to point A ring modulator in a Wah enclosure where you change the frequency of the wave by using the Wah pedal