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Business Process Re-engineering

We have years of experience of looking at companies business processes and identify ways to improve them by looking at their current IT processes and identify where these can be improved.Far too many companies never review their processes and end up having expensive human resources wasting their time carrying out the task which can be automated or rationalized. We can help you identify these allowing you to free up your staff to help you actually grow your business and improve your bottom line. Do you have admin staff carrying our data entry for example when they could be more productive and process more orders with some amendments to your processes. Whilst also providing a better service to your customers.

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Our founder has been involved with the Scottish Governments Modernizing Government program for 10 years. He has extensive knowledge of the One Scotland Gazetteer, the My Account System, The National Entitlement Card and the Tell Me Scotland Public Information Notices Portal. Dave was part of the Improvement Service team which helped to deliver these projects for the Scottish Government. He also has worked at Renfrewshire Council as part of their e-Government Team, involved in various integration projects and also their master data management. 

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We can help you set up your online presence, making sure that you provide a secure trusted site to your customers. We can help you integrate your online presence with your back office. Allowing you to have a clear picture of your business, helping you spot trends and allow you to manage your stock control.

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We have extensive experience of integrating various system together to provide seamless automation, allowing you to take orders to give accurate estimates to your customers on lead times, tracking the order from quote to production and fulfillment.

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