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We have over 20 years experience in the field of IT through our founder Dave Ball. Dave has worked on major IT projects for both the UK and Scottish Governments. This and his  electronic engineering background  give us a breath and  depth of knowledge you will  find in few companies.

Main consultancy services –

Expertise… We are best at

Business Process Re-engineering
We have years of experience of look at companies business process and identify ways to improve them by looking…

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Our founder has been involved with the Scottish Governments Modernizing Government program for 10 years. He has extensive knowledge of the One Scotland Gazetteer…

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We can help you set up your on-line presence, making sure that you provide a secure trusted site to your customers. We can help you integrate your online presence with your back office…

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System Integration
We have extensive experience of integrating various system together to provide seamless automation, allowing you to take orders give accurate estimates to your customers…

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Why work together

We can help you realise the value of your project. Because we use  a mixture of PRINCE2 for managing projects and Agile for the work packages we can provide   value sooner.

1. Agile and PRINCE2

Means we can start delivering value sooner, but is a controlled way that gives confidence  of  a successful outcome.

2. Continued Improvement

We  constantly strive to improve the  delivery and  quality of our products and services, and can  help you do the same.

3. 20 years of experience in IT

Working on a variety of IT project at Local, Scottish and National Government level.

4. Every project is  unique

We know every project is unique, and therefore so is its solution. We  keep a  constant  eye on technology trends to keep ahead of the curve. Thereby making sure we deliver a solution using the most appropriate technology for your  environment  and project.

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