How buying a pedal from us will help others.

Clyde Electronics CIC is a company with a difference. Every amplifier  we build is done by hand as part of the training of our engineering apprentices. Also since we are a community interest company we use part of our profits to aid  the  wider community. In our case we promote Science Technology Engineering Maths in schools  by using some of our profits to manufacture 3D printers and supply them to schools. As well as  developing  STEM workshops for schools. We also  believe that the success of the company is based on the efforts of all who work here so every employee gets an equal  share of the companies profit as nominal share holders.  

Guitar Amps

The Burn Series of Amps are produced with the musician in mind. Here at Clyde Electronics we believe in producing low powered amps which responded and have the same circuit dynamic as the larger 100W amps available from the well know manufactures but at a mere 6 watts. We don’t see why you should have to damaged your hearing to get the tone you seek. Unlike other manufacturers when we say our amps are hand wired they are fully hand wired you won’t find any printed circuit boards in our Burn Series Amps, all construction is done using turret boards and point to point wiring.

Tube Academy

We all know that their is nothing that sounds quite like a Vacuum Tube (or Valve as they are also know). Unfortunately though the skills required to deal with this technology are in danger of being lost to the mists of time as the technology is not longer being taught. Here at Clyde Electronics we feel that it is important these skill get passed on to the next generation. The tube academy will be primarily aimed at our apprentices.

But we will also occasionally be running courses for the general public. These public course will involved teaching the public the aspects of health and safety. Highlighting the dangers inherent in dealing with valve technology and high voltages. As well as taking them through the entire process of building an amp based on one of our home build amp kits. After one of our course you will have learned the skills of building turret board, soldering and have a fully working amp at the end of the course. We will also be offering courses on Amp maintenance, taking you through the process of fault identification and how to resolve the fault.